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VoIP (Voice over IP) utilize internet for real-time voice transmission. The quality of VoIP service depends on the availability, bandwidth, and speed of the your home internet. VoIP can provide good real-time voice communication if setup and configure properly but there are still some limitations. Please exam the limitations before signing up to our VoIP service.

VoIP Features

Our VoIP service is intended as a secondary phone line for residential use only and has the following features.

  • Unlimited calling to major cities in Canada
  • Call display
  • Call waiting
  • Good voice quality
  • Promotion for $3/month and paid $36/annually (Regular Price $6/month)
  • Adapter equipment rental included
  • One time setup fee $50
  • Refundable security deposit for adapter $50

VoIP Limitations

Our VoIP service has limitations and depends on the factors listed below.

  • Personal/Residential use only. No business use.
  • No fax
  • No alarm system
  • E911 calls only, you must verbally confirm your address and telephone number with the 911 operator.
    Please allow 7 days for home address update.
  • Only one phone line and not wired throughout the house
  • Use as a secondary phone line
  • VoIP is affected by power outage
  • VoIP depends on your internet connection. We would need to see your internet speed test result first.
  • Suitable for cable internet since DSL will charge dry loop fee
  • Only available to greater Montreal area

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