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Additional Services

We provide additional services to support your website. These services are logo design, content writing/editing/translation, professional photography, photo editing, and custom programming. Please give us a call to inquire an estimate of cost for the services you require.

Additional Services Options
Logo and Graphic Design
Our customized logo and graphic design give your website an unique and elegant impression.
$300+/logo or $300+/design (cost depends on the complexity of the design).
Content Writing/Editing/Translation
Don't have time to populate your website content? We can help you!
We will give you an estimated cost so you can stay in budget.
Professional Photography
A good picture is worth a thousand words.
Our professional photographers can highlight the best features and produce clean, sharp, and elegant photos.
Photo Retouching/Editing
Our team of skilled graphic designers and photo artists provide you with real tailor-made photo editing and retouching services. Some examples are: blemish remover, wrinkle remover, red-eye remover, teeth whitening, photo reshaping, and etc.
Custom Programming
Our team of programmers can provide additional custom programming upon request.
Some examples are: reservation system for restaurants, mailing list management for marketing campaign, interactive wizard for choosing the right product, membership system with payment integration, voting system, real-estate property listing management, forums, surveys, and etc.
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