Photo Digitization

We can digitize your negatives (35 mm film) and stored them in JPEG format. You can store the digitized photos in your computer, share them on facebook with friends and family, or display them on your digital photo frame. You can also bring the digitized photos to any photo centre for reprint.

Top Reasons to Digitize Your Photos
  • The color of printed photos or negatives fade away with time. The digitized photos will not.
  • Printed photos take more space and sometimes difficult to find and organize. Digitized photos required very little space in your computer and you can label them with description and timestamp. You can also store your photos online for free.
  • It's more difficult to share printed photos with friends and family. digitized photos can be shared by email or social network such as Facebook.

Things You Can Do With digitized Photos
  • Record timeline of your life and journey.
  • Share stories with friends and family.
  • Document names of people you have met a while back.
  • Stored in a digital frame and give as a gift.
  • Look at past accomplishments.
  • Remember the old time and the good time.

Examples of Our digitized photos

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